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HOME HUXLEY Brightening Trio
A perfect trio for all skin types who seek brightening effect. The set is composed of 3 products -  together they enhance the skin tone and help revitalise dull and lifeless skin, tired from pollution for an ultimate healthy glow! Featuring HUXLEY'S star ingredient - the prickly pear seed oil! 🌵  1. Toner; Extract ItA slightly acidic toner formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients and cactus extract. It helps maintain the skin's pH balance and leaves your skin clear and moisturized.2. Essence; Brightly Ever After A highly concentrated bightening essence with ingredients that will protect skin from pollution. It works to give you crystal clear skin and deliver a refined, bright, and radiant look.3. Cream; Glow Awakening A brightening cream that provides moisture and luster to skin and protects skin against various harmful environmental factors. It leaves the skin moisturized with a healthy glow.